About ImmunoPlus and Sea Cucumber

ImmunoPlus is an all-natural product made from extracts of the Sea Cucumber, Sea Urchin and Marine Grasses.

Each of these ingredients have been extensively researched and there is considerable proof of their various health benefits - more specifically, the benefits to the body's Immune System.

Multiple studies have shown that Frondaside A, the active ingredient in the Sea Cucumber, has the ability to boost the immune system and even assist your body fighting and recovering from cancer and various cancer treatments.

Please understand, we can't make claims about our product - so we encourage you to do your own research in to the sea cucmber. What we can assure you of, is we have one of the best and most unique sea cucumber extracts available on the market. Other products are often not extracts, contain fillers or do not give the consumer the same potency of the ingredients. But our ingredients and techniques allow us to produce one of the best extracts available.